Monday, Dec. 21st – 9am-9pm*                          Monday, Dec 28th – 9am-9pm*

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd – 9am-9pm*                        Tuesday, Dec 29th – 9am-9pm*

Wednesday, Dec 23rd – 9am-9pm*                    Wednesday, Dec 30th – 9am-9pm*

Thursday, Dec 24th – 10am-2pm                     Thursday, Dec 31st – 10am-2pm

(No lessons)                                                             (No lessons)

Friday, Dec 25th – CLOSED                                Friday, Jan. 1st – CLOSED

MERRY CHRISTMAS                              HAPPY NEW YEAR

Saturday, Dec 26th – 10am-4pm                         Saturday, Jan. 2nd – 10am-4pm

Sunday, Dec 27th – 10am-4pm                            Sunday, Jan. 3rd – 10am-4pm

*There will be camp going on Dec 21st-23rd and Dec 28th-30th from 9am – 2pm. Cages will be very limited. Plan accordingly