“Baseball (hitting) is the only field of endeavor where a person can succeed three out of ten times and be considered a good performer”  –  Ted Williams

The science of hitting is being a student of the game and understanding that when it comes to hitting a baseball, there are principals that must be followed. It is also important to NOT be distracted by the individual characteristics hitters have (ability, body type and stance) which leave many hitting coaches unsure and unable to create a sound approach.

There is ONLY one best swing, and if you think otherwise you can start your argument with physics, anatomy and geometry. The game and life gives us all the information necessary to TEACH the best swing. The only way to gain this understanding is an open mind and willingness to learn.

A baseball is released out of a pitchers hand anywhere from 5-7 feet off ground, depending on level and height of pitcher. The catcher receives the ball between 18’’ and 24’’ off ground, the ball is clearly ALWAYS traveling on a downward angle towards the batter. Even in softball, the ball is traveling slightly downward (or level). This information gives us our swing path, and the ONLY way to maximize the collision between bat and ball.

At The Hitting Academy our approach to hitting is based on facts, not opinions or types. We use the latest technology, Right View Pro (Video Analysis) and Hittrax (Baseball Simulator/Metrics) to give your kids the most interactive learning experience. Come out today and see why we are the leading indoor baseball facilities in the Tampa Bay area.

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