Rob Ciaravino (Owner) of The Hitting Academy is willing to help you achieve you goal of playing college baseball.

With direct contacts with over 65 colleges, Rob can get you in front of many of the Top Colleges in the Southeast of the US.

While he does not “GUARANTEE” you a roster spot in college, he does “GUARANTEE” the following:

  1. A 2-3 minute highlight video will be created showing off your baseball skills.
  2.  The highlight video will be “texted” directly to the College Recruiters cell phone for them to view. (Emails are old school
  3.  Each player will be given 4 Rounds of Hitting each month at The Hitting Academy. You will also get 10% off Lesson Packages.
  4. You will have an experienced person on your ‘Team’ that really knows how to get High School players into college. Rob has helped over 35 players the past few years obtain their dreams of playing in college.
  5.  You will receive guidance on which Colleges are in need of what positions and the type of players they are looking for in your Graduation year.
  6.  You will be advised on certain college camps to attend as well as private workouts that will be offered.

The cost for College Baseball Search is $1,200. 


Want to play College Baseball ?
Check out this list of Current High School players that have trained at The Hitting Academy with Rob Ciaravino the past few years and already have verbally committed to play college baseball.

Here is a list of some of the players and the University’s they are committed to:


Gunnar Hoglund – Ole Miss
Julian Bosnic – Wake Forest
Brandon Howlett – FSU
Darius Diaz – Kennesaw State
Huey Morrill – Oklahoma State
Drew Bianco – LSU
Ben Bianco – Louisville
Luca Tresh – NC State
Chase Sanguinetti- FSU
Justin Bench – Ole Miss

Jordan Lala – Univ. of Miami
Doug Nikhazy – Ole Miss
Slade Cecconi – Univ. of Miami
Jakob Mattos – Coastal Carolina
Graham Hoffman – USF
Johnny Oliveira – East Georgia
Spencer Myers – Notre Dame
Nolan Hudi – Texas Christian
Ryan DelNegro – East Georgia


Tampa Location

Phone: 813-878-2255
Address: 3740 W Lambright St
Tampa, FL 33614

Clearwater Location

Phone: 727-723-2255
Address: 24323 US Highway 19 N,
Clearwater, FL 33763


Phone: 813-657-2255
1239 Kingsway Rd.
Brandon, FL 33510